Mini artist documentary by Crews Creative. Music by Crystal Beth and her Boom Boom band

The merge between my art and my soul has always been a natural continuation for me and movement a necessary way for me to process life. The black line down my face simply represents the healing work that I am doing starting in my mind, then down my center to my lips, my mouth, my words and my VOICE. Continuing to my throat, as I learn to extend compassion towards my own heart. Thank you to the amazingly talented Crews Creative and Crystal Beth!

UNFRAMED 21+ @ the TAM

Amp up your fourth Fridays and experience the unexpected at Tacoma Art Museum! Music, meetups, drinks, and more. 21+ only.

MAY 25th 6pm-10pm

New this month, feel the electricity of art as it is being made! Experience Lettuce 253, an innovative live art event, featuring local artists as they create using various mediums. Watch the artists, meet the creators, make art, and meet new friends. DJ Jayme Dollface Fisher will be spinning vinyl records to get you grooving. Enjoy a cash bar and happy hour bites at TAM Cafe. Come curious, leave inspired.

Featured Lettuce Artists
• Lourdes Jackson (
• Kellie Richardson (
• Glory Cancro (

Old News

One year ago I hosted an art show for the lovers and the haters of Valentines Day.

One year later I discovered this article about the show. It was quite interesting for me to read and to hear this perspective, although I was hoping the theme of the deconstruction and examination of the term “romance” was more apparent.

I chose specific body parts to paint that represented communication and body language, how we experience other people in touch/nerve endings, Voice, Vision, the brain, the curve of the spine, the flow or cut of hair, our DNA and fingerprint.

Asking: What is physical attraction, chemistry?

Purposing to honor the artists from Gray’s Anatomy, while recreating and rein-visioning their original meticulously drawn images that brought insight and education to millions.

As I dove deeper with this project, looking back to the creation of my own cells, I began to discover on a deeper level the so called “Divine Romance”. In my own words a profound awe and wonder of the Bigger, the Artist, the Creator.